Hey guys!

So…after 4 months of waiting…it finally came…SNOW! I was eating tea in our kitchen and I looked out the window to our conservatory. There was white stuff falling from the sky and I was all like “ugh hail” and then I looked again and was like “wait that’s not hail” . So I pulled on my coat so that I looked like an Eskimo and my fluffy boots and ran outside (tripping over the cat as I did) and I ate snowflakes.
. Please comment if you did!
. Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaan? Well? Did you?!
. Hope you didn’t freeze!

little me, blogging out x

(Photo credit to my friend Wotsits?! 😉 )

“I’m fine…” No you’re not.

Hey guys!

Ok so after the Tangfastic trauma I have now run in to another issue. One of my best friends MarsBar won’t talk to any one…not even me! I am the only one out of my girls that has bothered to ask what’s wrong or are you ok and every time she looks down and says IM FINE…I’m like, well, your obviously NOT babes! I need help! She won’t talk, or be the eccentric, crazy person she normally is.


. Please help me I don’t have a clue what to do!!!???
. If you want advice on anything…comment!
Thanks guys! (this is turning into a bloody advice column)

littleme, blogging out x


Hey guys!

Bonjour! Ok, I found out something great about a week ago…I’m going to frikking FRANCE! I have NEVER been and I’m looking forward to eating baguettes for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch…well, you get it 😄! Unfortunately cuz it’s a trip with teachers and stuff I won’t be able to blog 😠…but as soon as I get back ill tell you EVERYTHING! We all have cabins on the beach so in the evening we get to go out and watch the sun set on the ocean…people lounging in the sand…me and my girls trying to find WIFI 😂! Also MAJOR achievement for me today. I caught a cricket ball and got someone out…whatever the hell that means:roll:. Anyway hope you guys are having a great time during Summer!   littleme, blogging off x


Shout Out 🙌

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chicken & Nugget, my two best friends
(who happen to be twins) as I had the best time today…4 hours in KFC…Nugget falling asleep on the swings in the park…fire man’s lift and nearly killing myself laughing…it was GREAT! They have been with me since I was 4 and I really appreciate them being by my side, even during my (and their) craziest times in life. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

. Do you have any friends/relatives with birthdays or special occasions? Comment below!
. Struggling for presents? Ask your Mum! 😉

littleme, blogging out x

Sporting Overload

Hey guys!

Ok…guess what…I think someone likes me! As in LIKE likes me…and I know who it is. His name is Dodger (again with the anonymous name 😉 ) and he is pretty sweet…the only problem is…

  • His friends
  • He luvs rugby
  • I have self conscious issues

I’m scared that if he asks me out then ill freak out and say something stupid like…No.


  • please comment below…im freaking out right now
  • I have some tricks of my own if any of you want help?

If you have any issues that you want to solve then please comment below and I could help you! I guess ill see you guys later 😉 !

littleme, blogging off x


Fresh Starts

Hey guys!

So, I thought I might want to tell you about my friend. Her name is Tangfastic (that’s not her real name but this is an anonymous blog) and she is basically one of my girls ;). I luv her to pieces but sometimes she can be very sensitive…which leads me to my story.

“OK I’m gonna tell you who I like and please don’t tell anyone” Tangfastic said. So I went back to tutor and was all like “ha ha…yeah…right…” but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. So I leaked it. Not just to a girl…but the biggest gossiper in the world.

I don’t know what I was thinking, and now Tangfastic knows and she hates me…actually no she HATES me. I need to apologize but I’m scared of how she’s going to react…

  1. She will hate me even more or
  2. She will call on the Gods to rain on me and make me look deranged or
  3. She will cry and forgive me

I’m pretty sure it will be number 2.


  • please comment below on how you made up…it cant go on like this!
  • I could give you some tips on how to solve other relationship problems…I’ve had my fair share!
  • Please don’t do what I did because I’m pretty sure everyone things I’m a right good friend now don’t they 🙂

Missing you guys already!

Little me, blogging off x